3D VR Headset Technology - Best Virtual Reality Experience For Games & Video - Watch Movies In Breathtaking HD With Your Smartphone Fit Glasses & Helmet - Goggles For Your iPhone & Android Smartphones
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About the Product :

  • EXTRA LIGHT AND NATURAL FIT! -ROCKJAMs innovative design weighs less than other VR Headsets, protecting you by taking strain off of your neck...The natural fit of your virtual reality glasses means you wont even know youre wearing goggles! Also, with extra room for eyeglasses, youll have a comfortable & quality experience!
  • FAST & EASY FOCUS LENSES!! -Our focus lenses are high quality, crystal clear
  • You can focus easily with an external remote that will adjust to your natural eyesight QUICK
  • Unlike other virtual reality headsets, this practical feature protects you by removing any eye strain that causes pain!

    -Other VR headsets dont give you the full experience because they dont take up your entire field of view...Also with thick & comfortable foam padding, you wont even know youre wearing your VR glasses
  • ROKJAM makes sure youre immersed in an HD world of virtual reality by giving you a Real 360 3D & COMFORTABLE Experience!!
  • PROTECTS ALL SMARTPHONES! -The soft plastic on the inside of your ROKJAM 3D VR Headset protects your screen or phone case from getting scratched!
  • BEST VALUE GUARANTEED! -No other virtual reality headset compares to ours when it comes to quality & the best, most rockin VR Experience ever! Your virtual reality goggles are Discounted

    for a Limited Time...So Click Add To Cart NOW & Experience new worlds!
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