iBeacon i8 Water-Resistant Silicone Bluetooth LE 4.0 Programmable Beacon, 3-Pack
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Product Description
About the Product :

  • Programmable beacon and easy to sync with your existing mobile app
  • Uses are as endless as your app developers imagination
  • Our beacons are CE-, FC-, and Mfi-certified.
  • The i8 beacon is water-resistant, and is ideal for outdoor use thanks to its silicone cover.
  • Compatible with all Social RetailĀ® apps, Social Retail Digital Convergence Platform, and any beacon management platform compatible with iBeacon technology.
  • Includes (3) beacons, (3) CR2477 coin batteries
  • Transmission range up to 295 feet
  • Average battery life up to 18 months
  • Measures 1.72 in x 1.72 in x 0.84 in.
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